luni, 16 decembrie 2013

lie detector

Do you want to know if your friend is telling the truth?
Do you want to test your wife to see if it cheats on you? Make her take the lie detector polygraph test and see what she has to say.
The lie detector test application is a great source of fun for you and your friends.
The fingerprint scanner lie detector will detect any truth or lie you speak.

Enjoy a cool and rusty metal HD graphics that perform an advanced scanning procedure that takes just a few seconds will scan your fingerprint ridges and will test the sweat from your eccrine glands to detect any lie or truth you say.
Be informed that our fingerprint scanner is only a simulator for fun purposes and entertainment.
The lie detector test has the option to enable or disable vibration feedback from the options menu.
If you like the lie detector application you can use the context menu to share it to your friends via facebook, bluetooth, email, skype, twitter or any other means your phone has available. All with one touch.



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